Dr. Teresa Esgleyes

In our Dermatology department, medical cosmetics are an important pillar and Endor products occupy a prominent place because they satisfy our expectations and those of our patients in a very important way. Bioactive Neck and Décolletage for which we feel a special predilection would stand out in a special way. for its effectiveness

Dr. Montserrat Barriga

I am delighted with the Serum of Endor. My skin is combination tending to oily and anti-aging products are generally too” nutritious “for me. This serum has a very fluid and pleasant texture, it does its job of hydration, and I have not I have noticed that the production of sebum or the appearance of comedones increases. I notice that the skin on my face and neck is smoother and thinner and I find it an ideal and indispensable treatment within my daily skin care routine

Naomi Rodero

At Club Metropolitan it has been a great discovery because it always gives us positive results. Firming cream is a true wonder for the skin, in just one application you already notice a change. The sensation is pure silk. We recommend it without a doubt.

Dr. Cristina Villanueva

For years I have personally used and recommended Endor creams to my patients. To start with, I liked their research project. Using the Cream every day I notice my skin noticeably more hydrated and comfortable. For my skin, I have found the ideal cream.

Dr. Natalia Ribé

“It is an anti-cellulite cream totally different from the rest, from its texture to its composition, its effectiveness is surprising. Endor Technologies has a great technology that translates into happy customers and optimal results.”


Exquisite care for the delicate eye contour. Visible effects in a few weeks. No greasy sensation and with a delicate, non-invasive aroma. I use it daily as a base for that area before applying makeup and also in the evening routine.

Clara B.

Light and effective serum. I have already two used cans and like all Endor products it shows. It is light in texture, gel-like, zero fat. Nothing else to use it improves the skin tone, I have used it morning and night. When I notice my skin is more oily or with acne, I have used it only at night and it is enough. Other times during the day combined with the cream.


I have been using it for years. From the beginning I was amazed at the results because it really works! Reduces the volume and leaves the skin more hydrated, smooth and firm. It has a very pleasant texture and is quickly absorbed without a greasy sensation. I definitely recommend it.

Mabel C.

100% correct. The cream has a great texture and a wonderful smell, but best of all, it works. I have been looking for cellulite creams for many years and in most cases they are a fiasco. I have finally found a quality product that works.


The best cream without a doubt. I’ve been using it for years. At first I was dubious about my allergy problems and with Endor’s advice I started using it. I can only say that nobody guesses my age, they always calculate 5 or 6 years younger. My sister has already been convinced and uses it too. Definitely recommended.