LaseResults Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials


When I was back home a few weeks ago, I forgot a few products so I grabbed my mom’s AM Repair & Protect and the PM Intensive Focused Repair lotion. I have noticed a dramatic difference.


I just wanted to provide you some feedback and my experience using your LaseResults skin care line. I have been in the dermatology industry for over ten years now. Being a pharmaceutical representative calling on dermatologists I always want my skin to look its very best. I feel compelled to give you this feedback because I am amazed at the results I got using your LaseResults products. I have been calling on many dermatology offices over the years and I have purchased several other skin care related products (Prevage, Replenix, Neo Cutis, and many Vitamin C products) and NONE of them compared to the results I saw with your skin care line. You offered me your trail size line of products during an office visit and I was very eager to give them a try. I started using the products and within 2-3 weeks I started seeing a drastic difference, I could not believe it. The texture of my skin felt soft, my pores looked smaller and my face had a more flawless look that is usually achieved with using makeup. I couldn’t believe in only a few short weeks that using these four little products made this big of a difference in such a short amount of time. I thought to myself “how come no other products I ever tried before ever made this much of a difference? Could LaseResults finally be the answer”? After I ran out of the product (and being a busy mom of two) I did not get a chance to come back in and get the products again for a couple weeks. During the weeks I stopped using the products my skin changed and went back to its “normal” self, that is when I realized that LaseResults was the answer to great beautiful looking skin. Now I can truly say that LaseResults is the most game changing product I have ever used when it comes to skin care. I feel that LaseResults is now an essential part of my skin care regimen. These products are worth their weight in gold. I am using the line again and I don’t think I could ever live with out it. I would recommend LaseResults to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to try your LaseResults products I am now a life long customer and a true believer.

Kelly J.


I was blessed with beautiful skin. I didn’t have much belief in face products. Dove was my only friend. Now, for my husband: he struggled all his life with bad skin. I swear thats the only reason he married me. He would follow me into the bathroom to see how I was washing my face. I do love him to death, but it gets annoying after 26 years of marriage. Fifty was slowing creeping up. My skin wasn’t the same, it had white heads, dullness makeup didn’t go on smooth. I tried different face products… not good… then my husband says, “we need laser.” I said, “why WE.?” I got a little depressed and hated my husband for saying that for the first time because it confirmed that I am getting old. I met Dr. Bernstein (I worked with the public for many years) and I liked him right away and his staff are great. I felt comfortable and okay with myself. He does some laser and started me on his face products. I noticed change right away and so did my husband. My skin is clearer, less dull, and makeup is a breeze. It takes a lot for me to write a review.

Donna S


I have been using the PM Focused Repair Lotion and Calm & Restore Serum for less than two weeks and I can already see the overall clarity and even tone on my complexion! I have oily skin and I use LaserResults under my makeup. I like that my skincare doesn’t affect the finish or longevity of my foundation.



I feel so much happier now I undertsnad all this. Thanks!



The products are awesome! My skin feels great.



Kathie and I LOVE the products. We use them every day.

Annemarie O.


I just wanted to thank you for the products. I absolutely LOVE them!!! I like them more than LaMer. Kudos!!!!



I have to say I love these products…especially the day cream. My skin seems much more hydrated, and my skin texture has definitely improved. Thanks,



I really thought the night cream minimized my pores and tightened my skin as well as, giving my skin a more youthful glow!

Mary (age 55)


I particularly like the day cream. The cream applies very easily, and I felt it had a good moisturizing affect, as well as the SPF. I liked it better than most other sun protection products I’ve used to date for my face. I LOVE these products! The day cream is sooo moisturizing and nourishing. I have never used anything like it. My skin feels fabulous! Thanks!



I absolutely love this product in conjunction with our IPL’s, Microderm or even stand alone. Other patients that are unable to tolerate any other chemical peel always do well with this and I have yet to have a complication. Patients are much more pleased with the results. Thank you again! Kindest Regards,

Kristina W., B.S., C.M.L.A. APSA Member at Large Central Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.A., Inc. ( Dr. Van Beek)


Hey Dr. Bernstein, Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for a couple of things. First, as you saw last Thursday, the Citric is really working on my keratosis pilaris. The skin is a lot smoother and the redness has improved significantly. Thanks again,

John Medford Lakes, NJ


That peel is awesome and so versatile. It’s fabulous with microdermabrasion & also with glycolic as well. I will truly miss not having it around when I leave town. P.S. I am beginning to sound like a druggy needing an acid fix……citric, that is!

Christine S.


I particularly like the day cream. The cream applied very easily, and I felt it had a pretty good moisturizing affect as well as the SPF. I liked it better than most other sun protection products I’ve used to date for my face.

Stacey W.


Wow…..where do I even start with this product. Totally surprised by it. I have used moisturizers since I was 12, so at 55 I have used tons of different types….mostly over the counter…from drug to department stores. But have even used the very expensive ones from the dermatologist office. They always made my skin look good on the surface, but, especially in the winter, once you wash your face……all bets were off. Dry, breakouts from stress of weather change, red, uneven. With this product my skin stayed the same, even with a weather change. Usually, when we go into the winter season my skin gets incredible dry then breaks out. It didn’t do it at all… my skin stayed consistently the same. There was never drying and pulling and breaking out. It hasn’t gone through the usual weather change stresses this fall/winter. My biggest concerns with this product is when the clinical trials end what am I going to do until it get approval and is on the market. So, the short of it is…I love this product and will continue to use it if I can buy it.

Ann C.